Photographer: Monica Ann  

Welcome! I’m Lauren Jackson aka “Lo the Painter”. My aim is to create well crafted, special works of art for you to enjoy in your space. 

Based in Chicago, Illinois my artistic practice has been my pride and joy since I was 6 years old. I’ve come a long way since that first drawing of my neighbor’s home from my bedroom window, but the mission remains the same: create works that I love, with the hope that you will love them too. 

Along with 2D art, I also create handmade natural body butters crafted with only the best ingredients for purchase throughout my shop. Buy a nice piece of work and a little butter for some extra goodness! Get a crazy beautiful painting/print AND smell divine? I call that a win. 

Each work of art, print, and body butter is a celebration of my identity, character, and womanhood. Stay a while, take your time, and enjoy this space with me. 

With love, 

Lo the Painter